Cross-platform Xml API.



@:isVarread onlywrite onlynodeName:String

Returns the node name of an Element.

read onlynodeType:XmlType

Returns the type of the Xml Node. This should be used before accessing other functions since some might raise an exception if the node type is not correct.

@:isVarread onlywrite onlynodeValue:String

Returns the node value. Only works if the Xml node is not an Element or a Document.

read onlyparent:Xml

Returns the parent object in the Xml hierarchy. The parent can be null, an Element or a Document.


addChild (x:Xml):Void

Adds a child node to the Document or Element. A child node can only be inside one given parent node, which is indicated by the parent property. If the child is already inside this Document or Element, it will be moved to the last position among the Document or Element's children. If the child node was previously inside a different node, it will be moved to this Document or Element.

attributes ():Iterator<String>

Returns an Iterator on all the attribute names.

get (att:String):String

Get the given attribute of an Element node. Returns null if not found. Attributes are case-sensitive.

removeChild (x:Xml):Bool

Removes a child from the Document or Element. Returns true if the child was successfuly removed.

set (att:String, value:String):Void

Set the given attribute value for an Element node. Attributes are case-sensitive.

inlinetoString ():String

Returns a String representation of the Xml node.

Static variables

@:value(XmlType.Document)staticread onlyDocument:XmlType = XmlType.Document

XML document type.

@:value(XmlType.Element)staticread onlyElement:XmlType = XmlType.Element

XML element type.

Static methods

staticcreateElement (name:String):Xml

Creates a node of the given type.